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5 Interior Trends For Your Perth Business in 2020

24 Feb 2020

An investment in your office’s interior design is no longer an optional extra – it’s key to getting the most out of your team and your space. Where commercial fit-outs in Perth were once all cheap chairs and beige walls, organisations are now taking the time to create enjoyable, productive spaces that reflect the ideals of their brand.

Why design is so important

Hiring a professional designer for your commercial fit-out can help you grow your business, attracting high-quality clients and employees. A well-designed office space demonstrates that you care about your brand and value the people you work with.

When people meet you for the first time, it’s your office that they often see first. Is your office a marketing tool, helping you communicate your unique brand values and build relationships? Or is it just the same as everyone else’s?

Your office space can be your business’ biggest asset, providing a real-world demonstration of what’s important to you and facilitating better employee and client engagement.

If you’re a creative design agency, you might want a different look to if you are a legal firm, but any business can benefit from an interior redesign.

Practical design considerations

Any redesign mixes form and function. Remember that your employees spend 40 hours a week in your office, so for them, it’s important that it feels welcoming as well as being functional. You might want to think about:

  • Workflows. Is it easy for people to move around the office to talk and collaborate?
  • Space. Are there a variety of spaces to suit different tasks and working styles, including areas for quiet working and informal meetings?
  • Is there enough natural light and air?
  • Is it easy for people to find the things they need – such as the kitchen, stationery supplies and printer?

Make sure you get the practical basics right as well as creating an inspiring, visual design. An impressive design that is hard to work in will be just as unpopular (if not more so) than one that looks grubby and grey but works in a practical sense.

Now time for the exciting stuff. What’s new in 2020 for commercial interior design in Perth? Let’s take a look at five key trends.

Workplace art

One of the simplest ways to make your workspace visually appealing is to add art. It’s also one of the most effective, bringing culture to the office. While the colours you choose for floors, walls and furnishings are important, a piece of art can be a real statement and a great conversation starter. When you choose art for your office wall, you tell the world who you are.

Embracing the outdoors

It’s time to move past the hive of office cubicles bathed in fluorescent light. There are measurable benefits to working outdoors, and smart companies are offering their employees the opportunity to do just that through office verandahs, patios and floor to ceiling windows. Allow people to flow freely inside and out, taking their laptop with them to work outside or hold an alfresco meeting. Many employees feel constrained by their office walls, and indoor/outdoor working options are the perfect way to help them feel more comfortable, leading to greater productivity.


Does your business have a corporate social responsibility strategy? With sustainability becoming an ever more pressing issue, now’s the time to responsibly fit out your office and meet your CSR goals. Clever interior designers in Perth are upcycling old furniture, utilising recycled and sustainable materials, and adding serious personality to workspaces at the same time.

A reflection of the brand

What is your brand’s mission statement? What values does your brand hold? With the help of an interior designer, you can ensure that your office reflects this proposition through smart decorative choices. This doesn’t have to mean writing your mission statement on the reception area wall. A good designer will be able to work with you to understand the essence of your business, who you serve and what’s important to you.

A no to neutrality

It’s time to finally leave the uninspiring pastels behind. Say no to beige, and yes to colour, whether it be through art, furniture, or on a feature wall. For decades, most offices have been painted in dull, safe neutrals and furnished in browns and blues. But today’s brands are getting bolder and more willing to express personality through design, recognising that their office is part of their marketing and should reflect who they are just as much as their website does.

Do you want your employees to be inspired by their workplace? Take the first step now. Contact the friendly team at BHO Interiors today for a free interior design consultation!