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5 Interior Design Tips for Cafe Owners

20 Jan 2021

Cafe culture in Perth is strong and with the right ingredients, owning a coffee shop will make a profitable venture.

In addition to a fine selection of coffee, an alluring menu, and top-notch service, the interior design of your cafe is something that will set you apart from the pack.

The interiors of your cafe will represent your brand values and style, giving you a distinct identity that will entice people to come back for more.

But, when it comes to cafe design, where do you start? If this is a question you’re asking yourself at this very moment, don’t worry because as Perth’s interior design experts, we’re going to share some top tips.

1. Branding

To make sure your cafe’s interior design matches your style and personality, you should explore your existing branding.

Doing so will give you an opportunity to display your logo tastefully within your cafe while choosing a colour scheme that represents your brand identity.

2. Floor plan or layout

Another key aspect of successful cafe interior design is your floor plan or layout. When it comes to layout, it’s important to strike the balance between cosy, clean, and functional.

The features within your cafe should enhance overall aesthetics while making it easy for customers to navigate their way around the floorspace and enjoy a comfortable coffee-drinking experience.

3.  Furniture and features

When it comes to choosing paint, wallpaper, artwork, and furniture, adding a healthy dose of personality is essential—but, try no to overdo it.

You should aim to choose decorative features, artwork, and furniture that works cohesively and tells a story about your brand.

Rather than covering every single wall with pictures or artwork, be a little more sparing. Choose pieces that will create maximum visual impact while enhancing the additional features and furniture in your cafe.

4. Dual-purpose cafe designs

Sometimes when you own a cafe, space is a luxury. To create a sense of space while enhancing your cafe’s interior features, you should try adding a dash of dual-purpose design magic into the mix.

For instance, you could invest in a few vintage armchairs with pullout trays or tablet arms or cool cabinets with slideout seats.

The point here is: you can choose furniture that looks incredible while saving space and serving a functional purpose.The best of all worlds.

5. Lighting

Concerning interior cafe design, lighting is important. Lighting can affect mood and appearance so you should choose lighting that is ambient without being too over or understated.

Ensure your lighting is soft without being too dim and choose light features, lamps or bulbs that really capture the eye—this will stick in your customers’ memories.

Creating the perfect interior design scheme for your cafe can feel daunting, but as trusted interior design experts, we can guide you to success.

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