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The Breakwater Bowling

Our design for The Breakwater bowling project revolves around seamlessly merging the current Breakwater, previously designed by our team, with the newly completed structure. This approach encapsulates a harmonious fusion of past achievements and fresh innovation, shaping a dynamic space that respects our previous work while embracing new possibilities for the future.
Combining our expertise in both the original Breakwater and the latest addition, our aim was to create a unified experience that smoothly transitions between old and new. One highlight is the trapezoidal shape of the acoustic ceiling, creating a sense of movement and fluidity, drawing the eye upward and enhancing visual appeal. Every detail, from architectural elements to colour schemes, has been carefully considered to ensure a fulfilling experience for customers.

58 Southside Dr, Hillarys WA 6025 l 800m2



CLIENTNight Owl Entertainment