BHO Interiors

The Breakwater

The Breakwater at Hillarys Boat Harbour recently went through a massive renovation on both levels. On the ground floor, new raised up booth seating was designed throughout the space and around the fireplace. The DJ booth also had a new facade to tie in with the linear lines on the first floor.

Walking up to the first floor is a “Hollywood” vibe with a feature red carpet leading up to a beautiful Instagram green wall with antique picture frames and pink neon lights pointing LEFT to “Games” and RIGHT to “Lounge”.

The previous “Ishka” restaurant has been relocated to the other side of the first floor allowing for a brand new concept to Western Australia – the “Shuffleboard” experience. Four new Shuffleboards were installed in the new Shuffle Room area with large booth seating throughout.

The interior has been designed in such a way that shuffleboards are sectioned with bold green carpets to each table making it feel like you are standing on a lawn.

Previously, the interior was very “white” and cold with a huge white ceiling and white bulk head. We have reduced the “white” with having timber strips cladded over the bulkhead and ceiling.

Other features of the interior include the 54 feature pendant lights over the shuffleboard table, the “Shuffling” bulb over the mirror, and the mesh cage below the booth seating to allow customers to store their jacket and handbags below.

Hillarys Boat Harbour 58 Southside Drive. W.A l 2505m2

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