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KOI Chinese Restaurant

KOI Chinese Restaurant, a sister company of KOI Japanese Sushi Train was designed with the intent to create a modern atmosphere Chinese restaurant using elements of Chinese characteristics, natural sustainable materials (imported and locally sourced) and a contrast of different material formations to create its authenticity. This project became a success on its own. With the limited time frame, we managed to design and construct the whole project within less than 2 months from inception. BHO Interiors had to design to meet very high standards from the shopping centre design management team and document the whole project within less than 3 weeks to get approval.

Every detail was taken into consideration from the herringbone timber floor formation to the curved timber feature walls and the suspended pallet feature ceiling. The bar counter became a feature on its own with the suspended frame shelving and custom-built wine rack on the exposed brick wall.

Stockland Harrisdale Retail Ctr, Yellowood Ave.  |  195 sqm

CLIENTKoi Chinese Restaurant