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Forrestfield-Airport Link

Our team at BHO Interiors are proud to have been a part of the new model showroom for Forrestfield’s Airport Link. Perth’s most ambitious and expensive transport project to date required a room where education meets advanced technology.
Perth owning two of only nine of their kind in the world, the tunnel-boring machines deserve to showcase their power. This showroom will be used for educational and media purposes with the interactive TBM model as the main feature.
Our team at BHO Interiors have delivered an outstanding fresh environment for work and growth. Present and future generations alike will be able to enjoy the showroom where it is equipped with a projector, amenity station and many visual aspects to indulge the eyes.
Costing tens of thousands of dollars, the interactive model TBM from Europe has been encased in a transparent display. The model has featured lighting and movement to ensure an optimum enhanced viewing experience.
Our designer Bryan Ho and his team, has opted for dark, gun metal grey walls which are accented with stripes to ensure a stand out look that creates the appearance of railway lines in the night. We wanted the feeling that you had stepped into another room altogether. In contrast against the white model, white center table, and bright walls, it begs for attention as soon as you enter.
A showroom to be modern, clean-cut, informative and utilized for generations to come was our goal at BHO Interiors. We set out to make it an environment that is enjoyable, physically and visually. Not only educational.

11 Carolyn Rd Forrestfield  |  125 sqm

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