How to Choose the Best Interior Designer for your Perth Business

10 Apr 2019

In business, interior design is everything. How your space looks will directly affect how both customers and colleagues feel, determining whether or not they’re likely to come back to use your services again.

Whether it’s a cafe, bar, office space or clothing store, getting your interior design right is crucial to the success of your company. In this article, we’ll be sharing some quick tips on how to do exactly that.


How you light the rooms of your building is pivotal to the overall look and feel of your rooms. Lighting not only affects how well-illuminated a space is, but also its mood and ambiance.

Industrially-themed spaces call for large vintage bulbs. More contemporary designs, on the other hand are better suited to recessed fixtures and minimalistic lights. Large windows and skylights can help to make the most of natural light whilst pendant fixtures and overhead chandeliers create a different feel altogether.

Whichever lighting styles you opt for, ensuring that your lighting choices match the theme of your interior design is essential.

Colors and Materials

Next on the list of factors to consider are the colors and materials you choose to implement. Whether you’re opting for industrial wood-and-steel aesthetic, sleek and minimalistic white or classic monochrome, it’s critical that you maintain consistency and balance throughout your design.

Our advice? Spend some time deciding on your preferred color scheme and the materials you’d like to adopt. Then, simply make sure that everything you add into your space aligns with your chosen theme.

Balancing Function With Style

Layout is one of the most fundamental elements of interior design, providing structure and character to a room. Pieces of furniture and decorative objects work to form the basis of your overall layout, but not all serve the same function. Some items like desks, bars, and tables are necessary for practical purposes, whilst others such as plants and ornaments add value stylistically.

As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to balance function and style as evenly as possible. Rather than overcrowding a space with fancy pieces of art and decor and leaving no room for furniture won’t work in your favor.

Instead, allow enough room for both practical and decorative items, leaving you with an aesthetically and functionally pleasing interior design.

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