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Commercial Design Trends of 2020

27 May 2019

It’s just halfway through 2019, but we’re already looking towards 2020 and the commercial design trends that are going to be shaping the way employees interact with their office space.

We’ve picked out four trends we think will see strong growth into and through 2020:

1. Sustainable Office Spaces

Sustainable building techniques are now standard, but what about the spaces inside? We predict that 2020 will see a focus on creating the insides of offices more sustainable. This will involve designs that both use more sustainable materials and that encourage a healthier, more sustainable way of working and living.

Expect to see companies increasingly opting for sustainable furniture and design, even if it costs a bit more. We’ll also see more biophilic design (see below) and a greater focus on indoor air quality.

2. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design has been very popular over the last 12 months, and we believe it’s here to stay. This ties in with creating a sustainable environment to work in, and the business case for bringing inspiration from nature into the workplace is going to see many more companies jump on this trend. Happier, healthier works are more productive.

You can expect to see more vertical gardens, moss walls, natural materials and hanging plants, but also indoor gardens, a greater understanding of the importance of a visual connection with the outside world and nature, and increased use of natural lighting.

3. Wellness and Community

There is an increasing understanding that the environments in which we spend our time have a huge effect on our wellbeing and health. Outside the home, the office is where most people spend most of their time. Increasingly we’re going to see offices designed to encourage wellness, community, and a healthier lifestyle. This can include anything from using decor to encourage stair use, to integrating meditation areas, climbing walls and spaces for massage therapy into the workplace.

Community is important too, so we’ll see more areas designed to encourage workers to properly relax and have fun while taking a break. Large companies have led the way on this through 2019, but 2020 will see smaller companies embrace this trend.

4. Smarter Offices

Technology in offices is nothing new, but 2020 will see commercial areas embrace the latest smart tech. Sustainability and wellness play a part here: smart lighting, heating and cooling systems will enable businesses to use less energy.

At the same time, businesses will need to balance the ever-increasing availability of data and technology with the need for workers to switch off and relax. Expect to see a greater reliance on technology in some areas, but an increasing absence of it in others to promote wellness.