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Need A New Brand After Lockdown? Check Out Our Branding Design Process

16 Jul 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to slow down and quarantine eases, brands across industries are emerging from isolation and are ready to get back to business.

The pandemic has been a colossal challenge for all of us and if you’re a Perth business that’s been weathering the storm over the past few months, you’re probably welcoming the prospect of opening up your doors once again.

Now, such challenging times command an innovative response. If you’re looking to hit the ground running and stand out from the pack post-lockdown, a big rebrand will work wonders.

Studies suggest it takes the average customer around 0.05 seconds to judge your brand. If your brand fails to impress or create an instant connection, you could be selling yourself short.

If you’re a Perth business owner and you’re looking to transform your branding for maximum success long after lockdown, we can help. As a Perth leader in digital and commercial interior design, we’ve helped many local businesses thrive in recent years—now it’s your turn.

Read on to find everything about our cutting-edge branding design process.

Step 1. Consultation

We will talk to you in-depth about your project goals, preferences, and desires. Once we’ve outlined the basic framework and requirements, we’ll provide you with a quote and a rough delivery date.

Step 2. Briefing & brand strategy

At this stage of the branding design process, we’ll develop a brand strategy and create a practical project brief for your consideration and approval.

Step 3. The big design concepts

With the brand strategy and design brief in place, we’ll share between two and three concepts with you to see what you think. You can mull over these ideas at your leisure.

Step 4. Refinement

Once you picked a concept that you love and are ready to roll with, we’ll go back to the drawing board to make those all-important tweaks and refinements. Next, we’ll present our work to you for approval and to gather any potential feedback.

Step 5. The big signoff

After receiving your thoughts and feedback on your chosen concept, we’ll work tirelessly to make further tweaks and refinements before presenting the final branding or artwork. Here you will have a chance to offer any further feedback or suggestions ready for the big conceptual signoff.

Step 6. Branding style guide

At this point in the process, our experienced team will create a bespoke branding style guide for your business and share it with the appropriate designers and suppliers within our network.

Step 7. Broadening the scope

By now, you will have a design concept, assets you love, and a comprehensive style guide. At this point, we will talk to you about any additional branding design work you want; providing quotes and timelines for each. We will also redesign your website and create your video branding assets.

Step 8. Completion

The final piece of the brand design puzzle: we will create, complete, and hand over all of your desired design items. We will handover your video design assets and launch your website. With everything in place, you will be ready for commercial domination.

Interested? As one of Perth’s leading digital and commercial interior designers, we can get you where you need to be. Call us on 1800 431 251 or request a free consultation—we look forward to working with you!